Unlike other devices on the market, the Plaxpot comes with two additional treatment tips - giving therapists the ability to use the pen for modalities other than Plasma Fibroblast. These additional tips can be used to improve product absorption and diminish signs of ageing without causing a thermal trauma, and can be used alongside other modalities such as microdermabrasion, LED and epiblading to achieve superior results for clients and maximise ROI for clinics.

The Plaxpot also features variable energy outputs that allow therapists to control the intensity of the treatment, and is designed to accommodate disposable plasma tips that provide pin-point accuracy. Both of these unique features reduce the risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, and ensure a faster healing time when compared to other plasma fibroblast devices.

  1. Plasma Arc Tip:
    Treatment using a disposable sterile tip or enclosed reusable tip to generate a plasma arc.

  2. Lifting Tip:
    Plasma lifting for instantly younger-looking skin, without the post-treatment scabbing.

  3. Permeating Tip:
    These tips are used in conjunction to create channels in the skin for better product absorption.

PX D&T_edited.jpg


Output Frequency


Power Level

3 steps (0.7W, 1.0W, 2.0W)

Output Mode

Pulse (frequency: 10, 20, 40, 100, 200Hz) and continuous


Internal Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery 7.4V, 1,000mAh

Life Time

Fully charged, max 3 hours

Charge Time

3 hours for full battery


General life of recharging battery is 500 times of recharging and discharging


197 x 40 x 38mm


1.5” full-colour OLED


1 year guarantee