Included with the Plaxpot device are two full days of training for up to two therapists, this can be undertaken in your clinic or salon! The Australian Dermal & Laser Institute offer the most advanced training in the industry!

Day 1 (Basic)

  • What is Plasma & mechanism of action

  • Effects on the layers of the skin

  • Skin interaction

  • Techniques

  • Transdermal delivery techniques (Permeating & Lifting)

  • Treatment protocols

  • Wound healing process

  • Post treatment aftercare management

  • Adverse effects

  • Contraindications & exclusionary criteria

  • Pre-treatment care and post care

  • Consultation process

  • Treatment indications

  • Hands on practical component (face)

Day 2 (Advanced)

  • Electrocautery methods

  • Areas of treatment

  • Pigmented & vascular lesions (identifying & treatment techniques)

  • Skin Tag and millia treatments

  • Plasma arc body techniques

  • treatment techniques and protocols for body lifting

  • Wound healing

  • Aftercare

  • Health and safety

  • Contraindications & exclusionary criteria

  • Skin care topically for enhanced plasma results

  • Skin care orally for enhanced plasma results

  • Hands on practical component (body)